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Website Development Training

In Website Development student's learn to apply complex codes to the website.Chapaka Solutions trains it's students not only on how to design website but also on the development and programming of the websites.

Website Development Training-Course Details

Create Web Apps with our Website Development Training program and apply your skills with world. We are also providing Free Sub Domain & Hosting to students to show their Live Project

Introduction to Website Development and Future:

JavaScript jQuery Ajax Mobile API
PHP MySQL CMS - WordPress Live Website
PSD Responsive Website - Bootstrap / Media Query
Testing / Secure Website Browser Compatibilty Core PHP Domain & Hosting
Static / Dynamic Website Framework-CodeIgniter / CakePHP / Laravel
  • HTML 5:

    HTML 5 Introduction and its version HTML 5 Tags & Attributes Headings Tags
    Paragraph Tags Break Tag Strong / Bold / Itallic / Underline Tag
    List - Order & Unorder List Image Anchor Tag & its Attributes
    Table Tag & its Attributes Nested Table Colspan / Rowspan
    Form & its Attribute Form Action / Entype Form Methods
    Input Fields / Select / Textarea Data List Labels
    HTML Structure using Div Tag Div Clause W3C validation
  • Ajax-Introduction / Implementation
  • jQuery - Function Creation / Implementation Both
  • CMS (Content Management System) Introduction
  • WordPress
  • Basic Introduction about Frameworks (CodeIgniter / CakePHP / Laravel)
  • Mobile API
  • How to Working?

  • Practical: HTML structure using above HTML Tags along with small tasks for each HTML Tags.
  • Practical: Create attractive HTML pages using CSS Properties.
  • Practical: Convert two PSD into Webpage using HTML and CSS with fixed width and full screen concept.
  • Practical: Implement JavaScript in Webpage, Form Validation & Constraint Validation along with small task using JavaScript Propeties.
  • Convert Two PSD into Static Website using HTML / CSS / JavaScript.
  • Two Dynamic Website (Live Project) including Domain & Hosting knowledge.
  • CSS 3:

    CSS 3 Introduction Types of CSS Version
    Inline / Internal / External CSS CSS Proprties
  • PSD:

    Photoshop & PSD Introduction Adobe Photoshop Tools PSD to HTML conversion
  • PHP / MYSQL:

    Database Introduction No. of Database available for Web Technology
    MySQL Introduction Database Connectivity Create Database
    MySQL Queries Pagination Run Query using PHP
    Insert / Select Query Delete / Multiple Delete Update Query
    Pagination File / Image Upload Session
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